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Guide To Online European Roulette Casino In Canada 2024

Most players choose to play at a European roulette casino (in Canada) over the other varieties that are regularly found at online casinos. Although the rules, gameplay, and mathematical models of both main variants of roulette are eerily identical. On the other hand, the modest modifications in the European version make it more tempting to some gamblers, most notably in how its odds are computed.

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A Quick Guide To Playing Online European Roulette

To get started playing European roulette at your favourite European roulette casino (in Canada), simply follow these simple steps:

1.Choose a casino that offers European roulette.

European roulette online is available in European roulette casino (in Canada). Select the one that offers your favorite format.

2.Register your account.

After deciding on the European roulette casino (in Canada), you’ll need to sign up for an account. If you intend to play for real money, you will also need to fund your casino account in order to put bets in the game.

3.Participate in an online game.

Find and select the European roulette version.


Click or press on the spot on the virtual European roulette table layout where you wish to make your bets at the start of the round. There may also be buttons along the screen to let you modify the kind and amount of your wager. Then hit “Start” or “Ready” and let the roulette game begin.

European Roulette Table Game Rules

European Roulette Table Game Rules

European Roulette (sometimes known as French Roulette online) is a 37-pocket form of the game used in live roulette casinos. Of course, roulette is a gambling game in which participants wager on which pocket on the roulette wheel a ball will fall on, with each pocket indicated by a number and a colour.

The overall gameplay procedure is really straightforward; the dealer or croupier will call to begin a round of the game, and players will put their wagers. These bets are represented by chips placed on certain sections of a printed European roulette table layout set beside the wheel.

Following the placement of all bets, the croupier spins the roulette European wheel in one direction and rolls a ball on an outside track in the other direction. The ball will finally slow down and land in one of the pockets on the roulette wheel, and winning bets will be paid out.

European Roulette Payout, Odds & Bets

European Roulette Payout, Odds, Bets
Bets Odds Payouts
Single Number 2.70% 35-1
Two Digit Combination 5.4% 17-1
Three Digit Combination 8.1% 11-1
Four Digit Combination 10.8% 8-1
Five Digit Combination 13.5% 6-1
Six Digit Combination 16.2% 5-1
Dozen 32.40% 2-1
Column 32.40% 2-1
Low/High 48.60% 1-1
Even/Odd 48.60% 1-1
Red/Black 48.60% 1-1

European Roulette Vs American Roulette

In contrast to online American Roulette, which features a zero and a double zero slot on each wheel, European Roulette only has a single zero. This means there are 37 numbers on the wheel instead of 38. It increases your chances of landing on the number you’ve bet on.

It, too, is played on a single European roulette wheel and has an “imprisonment” rule. It implies that if the wheel lands on zero after you’ve placed an even money bet (where you stand to win or lose the same amount of money), you’ll either get half your money back or your chance will be imprisoned. If it is imprisoned and your number appears on the next spin, you receive the entire sum back.

Casino European Roulette Imprisonment Variants

There are several variants of the imprisonment rule, but three of the most prevalent are:

  • Berlin – Players can request that the imprisoned money be moved from one number to another between spins.
  • Holland – If two zeros appear in a sequence, the stake is doubly imprisoned, requiring two consecutive winning bets to free the money.
  • France – The wager might be placed on an even chances line. This simply means that if your initial bet was red and the second spin falls on red, you receive your money back, but if it’s black, the house gets everything. If your original bet was black, the reverse is true.

Sometimes a rule known as “la partage” is used, which only returns half of the stake without incarceration. Mini roulette is a shortened version with only 12 numbers and the unique single zero of the European game. It’s typically found on roulette websites and might be a fantastic method to master the basics.

Criteria To Consider When Selecting European Roulette Casino For Gambling

Criteria To Consider When Selecting European Roulette Casino For Gambling

We’ve highlighted a few of the characteristics you should look for while selecting roulette casinos:

Game Selection:

A decent European roulette casino (in Canada) should feature a solid range of roulette games from credible and respected providers. This suggests that the casino operator is providing high-quality gaming experiences. Roulette games from NetEnt and Evolution Gaming are regular fare in this sense, but we also welcome some of the younger game creators on the scene.

Betting Ranges:

Because they provide a diverse range of games, they can accommodate a diverse range of stake amounts for players because games include varied betting amounts, people with varying budgets can participate.

Free European Roulette Play:

Many European online roulette enthusiasts enjoy a casino that offers free play versions of their favourite roulette games. These free-play versions allow players to acquire a feel for a particular roulette game without instantly buying in. It will enable them to choose the game they want without danger.

Customer Support:

The European roulette casino (in Canada) site operator must not only be able but also willing to supply all good services. We highly value a seamless, safe, and entertaining online gaming experience.

Final Tips For European Roulette Strategy

Check that you understand the rules. The slightly more sophisticated versions of the imprisonment rule, in particular. It significantly reduces the house edge, assuming you know what you're doing. Also, set your limitations ahead of time so you know how much you're willing to risk. Determine your risk tolerance. Inside bets with a more significant risk also have a bigger payout. If you like to be safe, place an outside wager on odds, evens, black or red winning.

European roulette is mostly just your luck. If you're ready to try your luck, we've got the right European roulette casino (in Canada) list for you.