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Choose the Highest Percentage Payout Slot Machines to Win Big Money

Slots are a very popular game among gamblers, and it is understandable, as it’s easy to play it, and the excitement of the process makes you enjoy the game every time. Sure, the main goal is to win, and you need to stick with the best payout slots to make it profitable. That’s why you need to know about loose slots and how to pick them. Loose slots are those that allow you to win easily and pay generously. They are the highest percentage payout slot machines and the best ones to start with. But how do you detect the best slots to play, and what determines the slot machine odds? Let’s find out!

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How Return-to-Player Works

The return-to-player (RTP) index is one of the things you should check to find the best slot machine. The index is a percentage of wagered money the machine returns to a player in winnings. The higher the number, the more profitable the slot is for a player. For example, assume you make one hundred wagers for $1 each. A loose slot with an RTP of 90% will return you $90 on average. But how do slot machines work, and what determines payouts?

Factors Behind the Slot Payout

The main thing that determines if you win or lose is a random number generator that is built into a slot machine. It is hard to predict how it works in a particular slot, but there are other things you can check when looking for the best slot machines to play.

While it might be hard to find any info on payouts in the on-land casinos, the best payout online slots are easier to spot, as you may search for the info online and check the feedback of other players. Let’s see what you can consider when choosing the highest payout slot machines.

The House Edge

The term “house edge” is used to determine the advantage the casinos with highest slot payouts have over the player. The smaller the number, the higher would be your odds of winning. High RTP slots should have a house edge of approximately 5%.


When related to slot machines, volatility determines how risky a game is for the player. While RTP shows how much the slot game will return to the player, volatility shows how often the wins happen. The best slot machine payouts are available in slots with higher volatility, as these machines allow bigger wins. At the same time, the wins happen less often than with low-volatility slots.

So, what slot machines payout the most often? That would be the ones with low volatility, but remember, the price for low risk is smaller winnings.

Hit frequency

Hit frequency is another index you’d want to know when looking for slots with highest payout percentage. This index shows the percentage of winning stops made for a certain number of games. The bigger the number, the more often a player wins with the game.

Sure, the best payout slot machines may differ in hit frequency as the RTP index can be reached in many ways. Let’s say you can have the same RTP playing popular slots with high volatility and low hit frequency and low-volatility machines with a high hit frequency per the same amount of games.

How to Find the Payout Percentage on a Slot Machine

Every gambler is eager to spot the slots with best payout, and likely there are some ways to do this. Whether you’re playing mobile slots or using the casino site, you may check the info about the game provided by the developers or the gambling entity in the rules. However, you may find this info is sort of more optimistic than the real odds. Remember that slot machines with the highest percentage of payout always get great attention from the players, so gamblers’ feedback is something to look for. Obviously, this info won’t be easy to find on the new slots, but with the games that are well-known and popular, it’s not hard to find the data.

The slot payout percentage is a great thing to know in advance; however, try to find out what is the key factor of the high RTP for a particular game. Knowing this, it would be easier for you to build a winning strategy and play not only to have fun but some profit as well. Before you put in real money, claim your welcome bonus that includes free spins in most casinos and taste the waters. It would be easy to understand the dynamics, and you’ll be able to select the best payout slot machines to play with real money and win.

Slot Payout Rates Audit

Every casino claims to have high slot machines payouts; still, there is a need to check if these promises are fulfilled. For this purpose, third parties should be regularly involved to independently evaluate the highest payout online slot machines on the matter of RTP rates. These organizations also work with game developers. Back in the days when online casinos were new to the industry, Price Waterhouse Coopers provided evaluation services, and later it was followed by more agencies. Among the top ones, we can name the eCOGRA auditing firm that has been working for the industry since 2003.

Highest Percentage Payout Slot Machines: Key Points

What is the best payout slot machine? The answer may vary depending on the site you’re playing on. A high RTP is always good for the player, but to have a better chance of winning, you need to know the key factor that determines high RTP for a particular game. When you understand how it works for a game you’ve chosen, it is easier to calculate the winning strategy and win big money. Remember to only play at reputable casinos to be sure you won’t have issues with withdrawals.