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Complete Guide on Online American Roulette

Roulette takes pride of place among the most popular casino games. Although there are several types of this exciting game, millions of gamblers still prefer American roulette and look for reliable web platforms to try their luck. And modern online casinos allow you to feel the atmosphere of a land-based casino and plunge into the world of hazard and thrill. Besides, it’s not only about entertainment but also about the opportunity to get big wins by playing roulette for real money.

Want to try your luck but have never played American roulette? The rules of this game are simple and clear, and our guide will help you master them. Moreover, we will tell you about the best fast payout casinos to play American roulette for real money. Let's get started!

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What You Should Know About American Roulette

There is nothing difficult in the American roulette game. This gambling entertainment has existed since the 18th century when immigrants brought it to America from Europe. The prototype of the game was its French version, which also has many fans worldwide. And you can try out French roulette online to find out the difference and determine which version is best for you.

The American roulette wheel has 38 sectors (18 red and 18 green), and two pockets are reserved for zero. The point is to predict where the ball will land. Thus, you choose a number and color and place your chip on the table. The dealer spins the wheel, and that’s where the miracles begin. Now, your fate depends on the small ball, which stops at one of the sectors. If your bet works out, you win and get your money.

American Online Roulette Rules

American Online Roulette Rules

Each casino game has its own rules that you need to follow. So, here’s what you should consider when playing American wheel roulette:

  1. You can bet on one or more numbers.
  2. If you change your mind and want to reposition or remove your chip from the American roulette table, you have a chance to do this before the wheel starts spinning.
  3. You cannot make bets if the wheel is already spinning.
  4. If the ball lands on 0 or 00, you lose.
  5. The bet is considered winning if you guessed the number and color of the sector where the ball has landed.

American Roulette Payouts, Bets, and Odds

Straight-Up Bet: This is the most popular single number bet in American roulette online. In addition, it comes with the highest payout percentage. In case of winning, the casino pays you at odds of 35:1.

Split Bet: This is a bet that covers 2 neighboring numbers (is paid at odds of 17:1).

Street Bet: The bet involves three numbers in a row. Even though you triple your chances of winning, the best payouts you will get come at odds of only 11:1.

Corner Bet: The bet is also called a square bet as it covers 4 adjacent numbers. The odds are even smaller than in the street bet – 8:1.

Five Number Bet: This is an exclusive bet found only in American roulette. So you bet on 5 numbers at once – 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. The casino pays out at odds of 6:1.

Column Bet: The bet covers 12 numbers from the “1st 12”, “2nd 12”, or “3rd 12” sections on the roulette board. If the bet works out, your winnings come with 2:1 odds.

American Roulette Tips for Beginners

American roulette is a game of chance. Millions of people have already tried to outsmart the system, but 100% winning American roulette strategies don’t exist. In case you are wondering “Can I win more regularly?” we can offer you several tips to make your gambling experience brighter and more successful. So, how to get the most out of the game?

First of all, don’t bet on one number. In this case, the probability of winning is less than 3%. Secondly, don’t bet on “black-red”, as the minimum bet is usually increased by 5 times. It’s better to gamble on several numbers at once. If you are a beginner and want to puzzle out all the nuances of the game, make column bets. Thus, the probability of winning and getting 2 chips is almost 35%. If the bet doesn’t work, the loss of 1 chip won’t seem that huge to you.

Difference between American Roulette and European Roulette

Difference between American Roulette and European Roulette

The rules of American roulette are similar to those of European. However, there are a few features to take into account:

  • There are two zeros – single and double
  • No verbal bets
  • Differences in number placement – American roulette number sequence is strict, while European is chaotic
  • Players use price-type chips of different colors
  • Payouts are made in ascending order

Both American and European roulettes have their fans. So it’s up to you to decide what game to play. Go to the European roulette casino website and appreciate the game first-hand!

How to Choose American Roulette Online Casino

Only reliable and top-rated casinos will provide you with the best gambling experience. If you want to play American roulette online, consider these aspects to choose a good casino site:

  • Collection of games. Check what types of roulettes the operator offers. One of the pros of a decent online gambling site is the live dealer section. Thus, you can feel the atmosphere of a real casino playing American roulette with a live croupier!
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods. The more payment methods an operator offers, the better it is. The most popular banking options include Visa and MasterCard. Also, you can often use Paypal, Skrill, and Payoneer to withdraw or deposit money.
  • Payout speed. Nobody wants to wait for money for a long time. And casinos with the fastest payouts allow you to get cash within 6 hours.
  • Bonuses. Casinos often give you a no deposit sign-up bonus in the form of extra money or free spins so you can try out the gambling assortment for free. The best operators also develop lucrative bonus programs and various promo offers.
  • Customer support. It’s better if the support service is available 24/7 so that you can resolve your issues as quickly as possible. Moreover, the speed of their response matters too.

Play American Roulette at the Best Mobile Casino

Many fast payout casinos are available in the mobile version. And this is a big advantage as more and more people opt to play American roulette online on their smartphones. Indeed, you can enjoy your favorite game wherever you are. Moreover, modern mobile casinos are optimized for different operating systems and screen resolutions. The game functionality is also preserved and is no different from the PC version. With the best mobile casinos, you can improve your gambling skills and develop the best American roulette strategy on the go!

Key Takeaways about Online American Roulette

American online roulette is an exciting game with simple rules. There are 6 types of bets you can make and each of them comes with different payout odds. Start small if you are a beginner. It’s better to avoid straight-up bets and choose other options to gamble on numbers. Who knows, maybe over time, you will develop a winning strategy that will be used by millions of players. Beginners are lucky, so it’s quite possible that fortune will favor you even without any calculations and strategies. Feel free to use any casino site featured on this page. Fast payouts and a secure gambling environment are guaranteed!